Gas Analysis

Gas detection is extremely important and can sometimes be your first indicator for reservoir quality and stratigraphic changes. Our typical mud logging unit is deployed with either a conventional CC/TC, infrared, or FID based system.

Advanced Gas Analysis

Some projects demand a higher level of gas detection. When you're using quantitative gas measurements to better understand your asset we offer Mass Spec. Whether you’re looking for compartmentalization in your vertical section, geochem crossplots to help you with geosteering or simply higher frequency chromatography, this tool gives you additional data with increased precision.


Impac's success is a result of our personnel. When we combine the most qualified personnel, with the best available technology and a dedicated support system, there can be only one result. Every level of our organization is focused on delivering the best data possible.


We have participated in thousands of wells across North America. From our roots throughout Oklahoma, to our ever expanding footprint in West Texas and our fastest growing region in the Utica and Marcellus. Impac has the regional expertise to provide accurate analysis and interpretations on your projects.