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Kickstart Your Geoscience Career with Impac

Fresh out of college with a Geology degree? Launch your career with Impac, a name that resonates with trust and expertise across the industry. Here's why you should consider starting your journey with us:

  1. Real-world Experience: Dive into hands-on fieldwork, harnessing the power of your academic knowledge while learning the intricate drilling processes of oil and gas wells firsthand.

  2. Dedicated Mentorship: Every newcomer at Impac is paired with a seasoned mentor. Benefit from their vast knowledge and experience, and gain insights that books simply can't provide.

  3. A Launchpad for Growth: While many find a lifelong passion and profession in mud logging, it's also an invaluable stepping stone to myriad geology roles in the oil and gas sector. Did you know? Many of today's operations geologists, now pivotal figures in exploration companies, honed their skills through mud logging.

Whether you envision a career in mud logging or view it as a learning pitstop en route to other roles, the skills and experiences you gain at Impac will indelibly shape your future in geoscience. Join us and be a part of a legacy of excellence.